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   FriscoChella June 11th 2023 had all the bells and whistles. 100 Fashion Models, 30 Hip Artist, 3 DJs Battle,  accompanied by KMEL's own DJ Rick Lee and 5 vendors from our community. We raised the bar on this one with over 500+ in attendance. Extending our platform from the San Francisco BayView Hunters Point district to Oakland. We even had Artist fly in from Detroit Michigan. Hosted in the main room at The Midway SF gave all the Artist, Models, Djs and Entertainers a Highlight Reel to remember. We gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Trophies to our DJs in the DJ Battle to show our appreciation for the Art form that they bring to the table. There's no Party without the DJ. Uplifting our own is something we take pride in.

Come Get This Work Comedy Jam

   Hosted at the Ruth Memorial BayView Opera House May 28th 2023, this was something sweat. We believe strongly in collaboration and mixing things up. We decided to have 30 models open up for 6 Comedians, with special guest Performer and Host Menace Man. With 100+ in attendance, Surprising everyone who missed the flyer's tittle "Come Get This Work" lol. Art comes in many forms and fashions as the people of our community do as well. We strive to lift our community in more area's then just hip hop though we love it so. This is one to grow on. Also in collaboration with 3 vendors to insure the economic growth of our community. 

Come Get This Work Comedy Jam.JPG
Point Pushas Artists Expo.jpg

Point Pushas Artist Expo

   Point Pushas Artist Expo Hosted at the BayView Opera House, June 4th 2022. Displaying Hip Hop Artist, R&B, Dancers, Motivational Speaker and Comedy into one joyful event. 10 local vendors providing a mixture of new rising products to service our event. Music provided by DJ Rick Lee of 106.1 KMEL. With over 200+ in attendance. The platform gave Artist exposure and a chance to expand their fanbase. The collaborative efforts of the local vendors showed community love and support, and economic growth for everyone. We also Awarded various Artist and community activist with a flavor of our beverage which lead to more collaboration and business partnership. This day was priceless...

Point Pushas Festival

   Point Pushas Festival Aug. 14th 2021 really set things off for us. With 20 Hip Hop and R&B acts, Youth Dancers, and 15 vendors really set the tone for us in the BayView Hunters Point area. The impression left people saying that our guy Menace Man should officially make this his and the community's own day, and call it Point Pusha Day. A day where all the Artist and Entrepreneurs from the Hunters Point area display what they are Pushing. The community love was there, the platform for the Artist to express and expose there talents was there, the economic growth was there, and the positive mark of progression was there. With over 500+ in attendance. Live DJ from San Francisco KMEL's own DJ Rick Lee was on the turn tables. This vibration has to stay in our city.

Point Pushas Festival.jpg
Transition Kitchen SF.JPEG

The Transition Kitchen April 15 - May 1st 2020, hosted in the heart of the Bayview Hunters Point district at our favorite Chicken and Waffle house, Auntie Aprils. We brought in Celebrity Chef Stew to add some delicious food to this hip hop expedition. In fact it was a Cooking Training Program for the Youth, with a hip hop spin on it. We trained 10 students ages 11-16 real kitchen etiquette, how to be a proper waiter in a restaurant environment, and how to whip up a few meals for Mom's and Pop's. We had a Graduation Ceremony where we gave each student a Certificate of completion, and some cooking utensils to take on their journey of life. This was another priceless moment in time where showing the investment in people is the best investment you can make. Life skills in the form of Culinary Arts. We have to bring this one back. Catch full episodes on ROKU/RISKTV 

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