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     Menace Man was born Muhammad Kellom in beautiful San Francisco California, in the Twentieth Century on January 6th 1979 at 2:30pm at General Hospital. Growing up in HP the hottest parts of San Francisco as Menace Man likes to call it, The Bay View's Hunters Point District. Menace Man learned fast at an early age "keep your eyes and ears open - and your mouth shut!" living in Shore View in the Hunters Point area, for everybody it wasn't just a simple walk in the park. For most common hard working folks, it just became a way of life in Hunters Point to fight for your rights, work hard, and hold on to your dreams. But on the streets in Hunters Point it's a total different story, for this is where dreams are shattered, rights are violated and work… Well just trying to stay alive is a job all in it self.


     Menace Man grew up fast watching his oldest brother Big G, earning his hood stripes while sometimes getting a pass for being the little brother of a block monster. Learning the ropes of how to survive in the hoods of San Francisco, was no joke for a lot of good kids growing up, where you was tested everyday and if you failed damn lunch money that was your ass!  As Menace Man became a certified rida like his oldest brother, he also started listening to the creations of his second older brother TC. Who also had a feared name on the streets of San Francisco and soon the Greater Bay, but it wasn't for drugs or violence… It was for music. Menace Man may have grown up listening to Ice T, N.W.A, Ice Cube, C.M.W, Ghetto Boyz, and DJ Quik. But Menace Man fell in love with the music his brother had created, and the artists that flowed to it like… Totally Insane, RBL Posse, IMP, 11/5, U.N.L.V, Dogg Pound and Young Cellski,  


     After being motivated by the Bay Area and Sacramento's  Urban artists like Too Short, Dre Dog, Mac Dre, C-Bo, Rappin 4Tay, E40 & The Click, Chunk, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Homicide, 3XCrazy, San Quinn,  Mac & AK,  Big Mack and many others. Menace Man gave his first shot at grabbin da microphone to see if he had what it takes to rock da mic like all the other artists he had seen his brother TC record. Menace Man said his first time ever recording he recorded "Young OG's"  in 1990, with a childhood friend Young Zav not knowing that later in life they would be in the group CEO together. Pleased with how he sounded right out the gate that in 1991 Baby Menace was born and it didn't take long before Baby Menace jumped right in the rap game, at a young age of 12 on Les G's album "Silent Cry's in the Ghetto" Making a name for himself that in 1992 he jumped on The Million Dollar Dream Compilation, doing a song with Big Mack from Fat Sack Records and Al Capone from his brother TC's groupTotally Insane and in 1993 the cat was out of the bag when Baby Menace hooked up with Baldhead Rick from U.N.L.V. to a song on the Attack of the Killa Hoe Compilation Album and after being featured on the Duce Trey debut album. Baby Menace was laid to rest in the summer of 1995 and Menace was born caught up in the heat of passion for his music, his folks in the streets and his gridiron partners on football field. Menace only did a few joints with cats here and there, and in 1997 Menace did what  he thought at  the time would had been his last song "115cc" with T- Low and Big Mack from Fat Sack for 11/5's A1 Yola album.


     Menace said good by to the microphone and picked up the pigskin as Muhammad Kellom  quickly made a name for himself like he did in the streets and also on mic at Mission High breaking  and setting new school records to this day has not been broken as a running back for Mission High football team, After graduating class of 1997 Muhammad Kellom went on Mendocino Jr. College  from 1998 to 2000. Like most young Black Americans coming from the ghetto of America, when it comes to street life, hood sports or block music either you bring it or you go home. So in 2001 at San Francisco City College when the division one transfer Muhammad Kellom was looking forward to didn't come through he felt his football career was a wrap. So Muhammad Kellom drop the pigskin and grab the microphone once again and in 2002 Menace Man was born and started his own group CEO which stands for Cash Everytime Out with group members Young Riz, AD, Lady J, Big Tex from Houston Texas and childhood hommie Young Zav. 


     Stepping his game up for 2003 Menace Man and CEO when to stake there claim in the music world, while working on the group's debut self titled album Cash Everytime Out, Menace Man bumped into George a.k.a. G- Man the CEO of ID  Entertainment. G - Man Introduce   Menace Man to the rest of the ID Camp. And they all started working on the ID Camp Compilation featuring acts like Juvenile at the time from Cash Money's Hot Boyz, Sugarfree, J2, Mass & Lotto and many many others. Seeing the well getting ready to run dry for 2004 Menace Man shifted gears from all hype of the music industry lies and false promises and back away from all he had come to know and love in the world of music. Seeing old school friends from the football field getting a good look in college, some of the block homies getting deeper in the game with some finally getting there name on the wall with that R.I.P behind it… and a few weak cats on the mic makin' his City look bad knowing these guys ain't got no heat and the only reason they got on was because some old baller on da block wanted to get out da game didn't  know jack about the music biz and like they say on Wall Street… It was just another bad investment. So Manace Man made a promise to himself  in 2005 that he would not make any water down bullshit and call it music…


     2006 also was a grate year for Menace Man now the official first recording artist for Hottaman Music down in Los Angeles area Menace Man performed with World Jam recording artist Super Bowl ring holder Reggie Stevens a.k.a. FMZ with Spin Rich Records In 2007 Menace Man has kept his microphone torch lit and completed his GO HARD(I feel sorry for your Mix Tape) and his debut album also entitled GO HARD Opening up for acts like Ice Cube at Catalyst Club with FMZ in Santa Cruz California, E- 40 in Chico California at the Senator Theater  and his biggest show to date in Southern California at the Los Angeles Lakers Fiesta held at the Staples Convention Center. Now in 2008 Menace Man can be herd on young golf sensation Little Jordan who has been seen around the world on ESPN and The Best Damn Sports Show just to name a few Menace Man has ghost written majority of Little Jordan's album witch features platinum artist Too Short and Mr.FAB. Menace is handling all his legal paper work to make sure his copyrights and publishing's are in order and all his material is free and clear so he can take it to the next's level, now you can purchase Menace Man tracks direct from ITunes,,,  just to name afew online stores. Taking the beat from his single Gutta Gurl to make the SnoCap theme song was just a taste of what Menace Man can do.With Menace tracks now touching power radio stations,the exposier is expanding more than ever.Geared to drop "BAYTOX" compilation and "Its A Wrap" album, Menace sets to make a powerful mark onto the music sceen.With features with platnum and gold selling artist such as E 40,Too Short, Jon B, Rappin 4 Tay,and Juicy J just to name a few.Stay tuned,2k19 you will witness the wrath of a Menace.

     Now with over 1 Million Streams in 2021, here comes the Smash Singles with the Features to go with them. E-40 & Snoop Dogg from the Mega Group Mt. Westmore, and the Amazing Keyshia Cole. Stay tuned its about to get good... Newly acquired MONEY MONEY JUICE beverage is taking the Bay Area by storm. Menace Man comes with 7 Flavors of Money to accompany his movement. The New Drip of the Bay is what they say #KeepItMenace


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