Take It Slow
Drippin On'em
I Put On




Or Get On All 3 for $4,000


     After purchase please submit you best quality Song (Mastered) to Hottamag@gmail.com along with Artist Name,Song Tittle, and contact info.You will be contacted with in 48hrs via the email you made your  purchase with, and referenced by the email you used to submit your material. Although we state this is for "GUARANTEED PLACEMENT", if the material doesn't sound good you will be granted a full refund, minus the small transaction fees. This is due to Quality Control...


    Once you're on board it's time to strap up and get ready.This project will be distributed through Sony via The Orchard. All Artist will be given Radio/Video Interviews by the "Nerve Djs" Southeast Regional VP. 4 weeks of spins on WNRV 1081 & Nerve DJ Radio Stations. 4 Email Blast to over 100k contacts. 8 weeks Social Media Promo via FB, Twitter & IG. Added to the Nerve Djs website as an exclusive for 30 days. Spotify promotions of over 100 playlist. Dj pack serviced at The Nerve Djs mp3 pool, Audio Mack & Digital Dj pool. Music Video will be televised on ROKU Television via RISK TV, and added to The Heat List (The Hottest Video Playlist on TV). Home of the Major Independents. If you want to maximize the exposure of one of your singles then here's the opportunity to see how you sound next to Hip Hop Icons...