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Best Album of 2024

1.Love Thang ft. Lenny Williams
2.Take It slow ft. Keyshia Cole
3.Make Me Better
4.Never Gone Tell ft. Nat Dogg
5.Keep Dripping ft. Snoop Dogg
6.I Know
7.By By
8.Dog It Up
9.Big Pressure
10.They Don't Understand


11.What It Do ft. Sean Kingston
12.Behind My Eyes
13.Make Me Feel Good
14.Let's Get It
15.Never Play Me
16.Most High ft. XZIBIT
17.To Vicious ft. Compton Menace
18.You Crazy
19.Thump It
20.So Mobb ft. Rick Ross

21.My Life ft. Matt Blaque
22.We Rockin ft. Dizzy Wright
24.Dear Moma
25.Free Bonus (Walk Wit Me)


Sample Tracks from the Album

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New Singles

Never Gon Tell ft.Nat Dogg
Drippin' Cover
Keep Drippin ft.Snoop Dogg
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So Vicious ft.Compton Menace
Most High ft. Xzibit
Take It Slow ft.Keyshia Cole
So Mob ft.Rick Ross
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We Rockin ft.Dizzy Wright
What It Do ft.Sean Kingston
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